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Roger Southam has an ability to solve problems and produce results in all areas of real estate. In a career spanning nearly 40 years he has managed, advised, and problem-solved on billions of pounds of property. Whatever the challenge he has the skillset and aptitude to tackle, address and resolve.

Charity & Challenges

The only prize Roger won at school was for public spirit. He didn’t appreciate what a defining moment that would be. He missed his moment of glory at the normal huge school prizegiving because for 1975 prizegiving the teachers went on strike and no such day was held!


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How can the lease start before you buy your lease?

A question that comes up regularly relates to the start date of the lease and your obligations when buying a leasehold property. I guess your first thought might be why is his important?


Anti-social behaviour

I am sure we can all get frustrated and display bad behaviour at times. Something in our lives can cause upset or frustration and that can spill over to unrelated conversations, communications and situations.



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