Anti-social behaviour

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I am sure we can all get frustrated and display bad behaviour at times. Something in our lives can cause upset or frustration and that can spill over to unrelated conversations, communications and situations. Of course there is never any excuse for rudeness. Any form of customer service can find the staff members on the receiving end of abusive behaviour. That can be understandable, doesn’t excuse it, but understandable. If you have got frustrated because you are not getting an answer you want then it can cause bad reaction.

We are seeing a number of service providers taking zero tolerance on anti-social behaviour. Transport for London are very overt in their condemnation as is the National Health Service. Quite rightly. I am sure none of us feel that people doing their job should bear the brunt of abuse and frustration. However for some reason property management doesn’t seem to create the same sympathies.

Whatever is felt about the lease or the property, property managers are generally doing their best and providing a service for the building and to the leaseholders. However there can be some outrageous accusations levelled at the managers who are just doing their job.

To look from the other side of the fence, the pressures of property management can cause delays in correspondence. A lack of communication can cause suspicion and an apparent lack of transparency can cause unrest. Is it right that a leaseholder has to wait for an answer? Of course not. The service charge is the leaseholder’s money being spent, of course the leaseholders should know where it is being spent. The levels of information supplied will vary agent from agent. This is one of the biggest challenges because generally management is an art not a science. In spite of the legislative framework it is the soft side of management that can cause problems.

We should all be on the same side of the table working together to improve standards and service. To have courtesy and respect to achieve the best service and ensure the buildings are managed effectively and efficiently. But everyone is different and therein lies the challenges and the issues in effect. We all handle matters differently but generally respect and courtesy will get further than abuse.

Of course it is impossible to have any form of discussion or debate on this subject without having accusations of being partisan. However the sole issue here is abuse and anti-social behaviour. Surely no one can think it right to be continually abusive without rationality or reason. Some folks just seem to go through life that way and it is a wonder how they can. Surely common courtesy and decency would dictate a modicum of good behaviour.

Roger Southam

Non Exec Chair Leasehold Advisory Service

25 April 2017

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